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Our Story


Founder & Managing Director

Anuradha Chadha (Anu) founded 3A Clothing Company in 2004 and brings more than 25 years of in-depth experience in the international fashion and lifestyle industry.

A single parent to her two daughters, Anu bootstrapped the business from the bedroom in her house to financially empower herself and her daughters. Today when both her daughters have independent careers, Anu runs the business which trains and empowers the women who work in her factory. A majority of these women are primary breadwinners in their homes, and in turn empower the women of Europe and the U.S. to look beautiful in the fashion products they manufacture. 

A notable industry speaker on global platforms, both she and our Company have been honored to receive numerous domestic and international business awards. For a notable list of speeches, press and awards, please refer to Press & Awards.

Family Pride:

Says Anu, “I think I know where my love for fashion and style comes from along with my entrepreneurial skills. These were all definitely inherited. My father was considered to be one of the best-dressed gentlemen in Peshawar (pre-partition India, now a part of Pakistan) and was bestowed upon the honorable title of ‘sahib’ (a thorough gentleman) by the local citizens.”


Her late brother, Sunil Khanna, was a pioneer of the Indian fashion industry. He started his own fashion label in the 1980’s and designed customized fashion clothing for some of India’s top Bollywood celebrities, including Amitabh Bachchan and Vinod Khanna. When he sold a jacket for INR 100,000 or USD 1,500, an exorbitant amount for a fashion jacket in those days, it was written about in the Indian national newspaper, Hindustan Times. He made headlines when he held fashion shows in Leningrad, Russia and Atlantic City, U.S. back then. With fond memories, to this day Anu continues to find inspiration in his fashion masterpieces.

Mentorship and Public Speaking by Anu

In addition to speaking on global forums on consumer trends in the fashion industry, women’s entrepreneurship and sustainable fashion, Anu regularly mentors women entrepreneurs from the fashion and lifestyle industry, and provides them an ecosystem to succeed in their business.  

Anu speaks publicly and provides mentorship on the following topics (within the fashion industry):

  • Setting up a business and creating a business plan
  • Setting up a business for international trade/exports
  • Outsourcing for mass production 
  • Empowering women entrepreneurs to discover their mental resilience and competitive streak
  • Pivoting a business/adding new product lines, such as during the Pandemic 
  • Creating a sustainable business
  • Creating a go-to-market strategy
  • Scaling an entrepreneurship venture 
  • Building customer loyalty and generating regular customer engagement 

Some of the women entrepreneurs she has mentored have gone on to raise $100,000 in equity funding. Most recently Anu has been actively mentoring an entrepreneur from the state of Chhattisgarh in India, who works on sustainable fashion.


Anu is a registered organ donor and an avid golfer. She was the winner in the ladies category at the BBC Golf Tournament held in NCR in 2019. An amateur vocalist, she enjoys singing Classic Bollywood and Hindustani Classical songs.

She has two daughters: Aditi Chadha earned her MBA from the Sloan School of Management at MIT and Amrita Chadha earned her Master’s in Public Health from Brown University.