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Founder’s Story

Anu Chadha, our Founder and CEO, brings more than 25 years of in-depth experience in the international fashion industry and trend forecasting, and has established 3A Clothing as a successful Fashion House and a socially conscious company.

Anu started the business as a single parent to empower her two daughters. Today, when both her daughters have independent careers, she runs the business, which trains and empowers the women who work in her factory, 85% of the workforce.

These women are breadwinners in their homes, and are able to provide a stable environment for their families as well as are able to educate their children. In turn, the women working in the factory, empower the women of Europe and the U.S., to look beautiful in the fashion goods they manufacture. So the whole journey, starts with women and ends with women.

The Company also works with small scale and cottage industries across India, empowering local weavers in rural areas, promoting their textile specialties internationally. The fabric they weave ends up in scarves and garments that the Company manufactures.

Anu is the 2016 winner of the International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC) Business Award from India, held in Brussels. IWEC is a global business network for successful women business owners sponsored by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce Manhattan (NY), FICCI (India) and the U.S. Department of State. Anu was also awarded the Entrepreneurship Icon’ award by the Women Economic Forum 2016 in New Delhi. 

Anu is a featured panelist on business channels such as Bloomberg Television. In 2017 she spoke at the 13th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) in Malaysia in front of 4,000 international delegates on Disruptive Change, opened by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.



Family Pride:

Says Anu, “I think I know where my love for fashion and style comes from along with my entrepreneurial skills. These were all definitely inherited. My father was considered to be one of the best-dressed and flamboyant people in Peshawar (pre-partition India, now a part of Pakistan). He was bestowed upon the honorable title of sahib (an elite gentleman).”

One of Anu’s brothers was the late fashion designer Sunil Khanna, a pioneer of the Indian fashion industry. He started his own fashion label in the 1980’s and designed customized fashion clothing for some of India’s top celebrities, including Amitabh Bachchan and Vinod Khanna.

When he sold a jacket for INR100,000 or US$ 2,000, an exorbitant amount at the time, it was written about in the national newspaper, Hindustan Times. He made headlines when he did fashion shows in Leningrad in Russia and Atlantic City in the USA. In India he held his shows annually at the Hyatt Regency, and ITC Maurya. To this day, Anu finds a lot of inspiration in his fashion masterpieces.