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3A Clothing endeavors to achieve a triple bottom line via a combination of:

Social Goal: We aim to employ more women as tailors, checkers, fringers, weavers and embroiders as well as provide them with more leadership opportunities. The majority of our workforce is women, whom we hire and train. We financially empower them to support their families, enjoy a better quality of life and offer a congenial and respectful environment in our factory.

Environmental Goal: We are actively learning about and using more sustainable inputs in our production which are also price effective. We believe this is smart business.

Business Goal:

  • Customer Goal: We endeavor to provide an opportunity for the final customers to wear and enjoy beautiful fashion products made by our women weavers, tailors and artisans from India. We bridge fashion, where the journey starts with women in the supply chain and ends with women as final customers in Europe and the U.S. We do this at pocket-friendly prices so that our fashion goods are accessible to most.
  • Growth Goal: We look forward to identifying collaborators and synergistic supply chain partners as well as connect with and learn from like-minded and passionate fashion entrepreneurs from our industry.
  • Business Ethics and Values: 3A Clothing’s Corporate Social Responsibility philosophy emphasizes respect for our stakeholders (workforce, buyers and vendors), value creation (innovative and quality products at competitive pricing) and contribution to society (within our local ecosystems and environment) in our daily business activities. We are an ethical and democratic company with fair processes and feedback loops in place.
  • Gender Diverse Supply Chains: We genuinely care about gender diversity and women’s economic empowerment as we are ourselves a woman founded company. We offer them utmost respect and care for their safety and happiness. Anu also writes for Apparel Online (an industry trade publication) about topics such as nurturing the market access ecosystems for our weavers and artisans.

Trade Memberships: We are members of regulated national trade bodies such as the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO). 

Harmony in Local Ecosystem: Our Company sponsors quarterly community lunches for our workforce as a way to express gratitude for their hard-work and value their efforts. We also co-pay for important educational requirements of their children so they can get quality education. 

Environmental Sustainability: Our Company constantly seeks new approaches which help further the environmental goals of our buyers and contribute to improving the environment. The fabrics we use in manufacturing are Azo free as well as free of harmful chemicals and compounds. Any leather that is used in manufacturing is free of harmful chemicals such as PCP, Chrome 6 and Formaldehyde. Recyclable items are given for recycling and non-recyclable garbage material is disposed-off appropriately and marked duly.